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 Post subject: Terms of Agreement
PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:16 pm 
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SEI Name: Milo
By registering an account with Solar Empire Infinium (SEI), you agree to the following terms and conditions of use. By agreeing to these terms, SEI reserves all rights, privileges, and responsibilities as outlined.

Solar Empire Infinium is presented as an 'as is' game. Updates, additions or changes to the game are entirely at the SEI Administration's discretion.


  1. You are allowed no more than one account in a zone at any one time. This account is your account, and not anyone else's. If you wish to make a new account, you must first retire your existing one and wait for it to fully retire.
  2. You may not, at any time, access more than one account or allow another person to access your account. This includes accessing multiple accounts (referred to as "multis") at the same time or taking care of someones account while they are away (referred to as "babysitting").

Failure to comply with this one-account rule will be cause for deletion and/or banning of all accounts of all parties involved.

General Game Rules

You may NOT:

  1. Create an account for a friend, family member, or associate.
    • Each user must create their own account.
    • Accounts may not be transferred under any circumstances.
    • Accounts must be created with a valid e-mail address.
  2. Take ownership of another's account, whether it is offered or not.
  3. Give your account password to anyone for any reason.
    • The SEI administration will never ask for your account password.
  4. Allow someone else to access your account.
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Sharing an account with a friend or family member.
      • Taking actions on someone else's account on their behalf and / or accessing another's account with the intent to do damage.
  5. Send harassing (including sexually harassing) messages to other users.
    • SEI reserves the right to block communication ingame between you and any other user at any time.
  6. Use foul, profane, pornographic, or offensive language/pictures with other users.
    • This includes forum posts, messages to other players, ship and planet names, clan messages, player biographies, player tags etc.
    • The administration reserves the right to edit or delete any material posted ingame without prior or sub-sequential warning to the user.
  7. Discuss specific player bans or staff action within the game.
    • Ban appeals, complaints or comments must be directed towards the admin team using the "Contact Staff" report link found at the bottom of every in-game page.
  8. Spam or mass-message users or clans.
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Ingame messaging.
      • Multiple ship suicide done with intent to spam the news.
  9. Use a tool or program that is not cleared by SEI (and available to every other user) other than an internet browser that gives you an added advantage over other users.
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Auto-refreshers.
      • Macros.
      • Link selection bots.
  10. Arrange to kill or be killed by another player.
    • Kills may not be pre-arranged by both parties involved. This includes but is not limited to:
      • Kicking and then reinviting a player from a clan with the sole reason to kill them.
      • Purposely suiciding against another player with the sole reason to boost their kill count.
    • Note that the admin team reserve the right to decide what is defined as an arranged kill. These decisions are final and non-negotiable.
  11. You may not take any SEI images without consent by the SEI admins or designers of the graphical images.
    • All images are property of the SEI Administration. This includes such images designed using the ingame character avatar designer and any other images hosted directly by SEI.
  12. Abuse known bugs within the game.
    • All game bugs must be reported to the SEI Administration team immediately, failure to do so may result in action taken against you.
  13. Advertise other games anywhere within SEI.
    • This includes on the main/clan forums, player messages, etc.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in actions taken by the SEI Administration or moderator team.

Rule Enforcement

SEI reserves the right to take any applicable action without warning upon violation of this agreement as deemed suitable, including actions not listed in this document.

Decisions by the SEI Administration are final and non-negotiable.

Please report all violations of this agreement to the SEI administration staff or to those properly designated to take action.

Complaints Procedure

Players may not discuss moderator or staff action via ingame communication methods or the irc network. Any complaints, questions or comments regarding moderator or staff action must be directed towards the admin team using the "Contact Staff" report link found at the bottom of every in-game page.

Data Protection

By creating an account with SEI you agree to provide SEI with accurate and true information. Your E-mail address must be valid and able to receive E-mails from SEI. SEI reserves the right to share non-identifiable information in statistical form to 3rd party affiliates and advertisers. Individually identifying information will not be sold or transferred from SEI to any third party.

SEI tracks user Actions, IP addresses, Hostnames, SEI Cookies, Operating Systems and Browser specific information. By registering an account with SEI and accessing the SEI server both ingame and homepage you agree to disclose the data to the SEI Administration team. SEI staff will not accept requests for user's personal data including but not limited to IP address and E-mail address. The SEI administration reserves the right to view and record any data sent ingame via the ingame messaging system or any Game Sponsored communication method.

If you wish to make an amendment to your stored data, please contact the SEI Administration team using the ingame 'Contact Staff' link.


SEI is NOT responsible for any problems or loss you might encounter, including divorce and natural disaster, as a result of bugs in code, content, or using this site.

SEI can NOT be held responsible for the contents of this site, including, but not limited to, texts, images, and sounds. SEI is not responsible for security of individual accounts, and is not responsible for any damage done to an account or disclosure of password if a third party accesses your account. In no event shall SEI, SEI affiliates or suppliers, be liable to you or any third party lost profits or special, incidental, or consequential damages (however arising, including negligence) arising out of or in connection with your account, this site, or the Terms of Agreement. SEI reserves the right to remove or ban a player or IP Address without notice from any zone, forum, or other part of the site for any reason. SEI reserves the right to make changes to this Disclaimer, the Terms of Agreement, and the Privacy Policy at our sole discretion.

SEI reserves the right to terminate any agreements or policies immediately and without notice when we deem it necessary due to a breach or violation of agreement or policy.

SEI will not refund any ingame assets to any player whom has lost them as a result of game code bug or server downtime.

All accounts created with SEI remain the sole property of the SEI Administration, and as such cannot be transferred or sold without the express written consent of the SEI Administration team.

He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

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