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Round 73 Changes
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Author:  Milo [ Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Round 73 Changes

Round 73 Changes:

  • General Changes
    • Planet happiness added.
      • Happiness on a planet will go up or down each hour based on the tax rate and colonists having enough to eat.
      • High happiness levels will increase the amount of tech, resources and colonists gained each hour.
      • Low happiness levels will decrease the amount of tech, resources and colonists gained each hour.
      • Note: This system will be expanded on in future rounds to potentially cause greater penalties, give greater rewards, be effected by other things, etc. (ideas welcome). I wanted to be able to watch and balance how easy/hard it is to keep happiness high before going too crazy with the effects.
    • The price multiplier of Metal has been reduced to 70 (from 80).
    • The experience multiplier of Fuel has been increased to 0.25 (from (0.2).
    • The price multiplier of Crystals has been increased to 110 (from 105).
    • Star sector hourly resource spawn rates have been adjusted.
    • Clan member limit changed to 3 (from 5).
    • In addition to claiming a planet when it is defenseless players may now also send ownership of that planet to a fellow clan member and/or active a terra imploder without claiming it first.
    • Clan members now have the ability to deactivate a terra imploder on any clan owned planet.

  • Combat Changes
    • The percent chance for a weapon to always hit in combat (regardless of AI/MAN) has been increased.
    • Rolling a critical hit will now also become a guaranteed hit as well (previously you needed to also hit in order to do critical damage).

  • Race Changes
    • Human
      • Metal gathering rate increased to +10 (from +5).
      • Gathering EXP increased to 110% (from 105%).
    • Keldoran
      • Metal gathering rate increased to -5 (from -10).
      • Fuel gathering rate decreased to -15 (from -10).
    • Dranaar
      • Trading EXP increased to 105% (from 100%).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Metal gathering rate decreased to -5 (from 0).
      • Fuel gathering rate increased to +10 (from +5).
    • Vephar
      • Gathering EXP decreased to 105% (from 110%).

Author:  Milo [ Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Round 73 Changes

Round 73 Start Time

Round 73 will open on Tuesday, March 3rd at 11:00 Server Time.

Note that the game will remain paused for 10 hours in order to allow everyone a fair chance to sign up before turns start accumulating, etc. The round will officially begin at 21:00 Server Time on Tuesday, March 3rd.

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