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Author:  l0rdfear [ Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Round

I havent been active for a while but i have an idea, which may help the popularity of this game.
It seem common sense isnt being used in regard with how long a round lasts, why do we have to have a round that lasts 3 months when you have a clear winner after 2?
it makes it so boring for the rest of the people who come online knowing they cant win, and there isnt enough player base to compete for 2nd 3rd etc place... its you iether win or loose.....
it pointless i dont understand why the round has to do the full 3 months cycle when in reality the game is over.
something needs to be set up where people can vote on whether to end the round or not.... makes it more interesting for everyone and means everyone can compete....
this is what i think leet me know what you guys think...


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