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Author:  SpaceDoG [ Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Trade Improvement

Use the old timeworn system of static routes and implement trading distance as well. :-) Would make things much more fun. I think it might be a somewhat hefty task though depending on how current db/code design is for ports. If buying/selling was dictated by boolean it would be easier to do a buy/sell and keep the same amount for both (20m buy/sell). Port regeneration could then be restorative of 10-50% of the missing good amount with a higher % for the goods closer to cap. IE if a good is traded to 0 it could max out at 50% and if it's 50% full it could max at still 50% essentially putting it up to 75%. From there you could either do another string of 50% or put it to 75-100% to top it off. This would allow ports to regen within 3-4 hours of being drained.

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