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Author:  katana [ Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:03 am ]
Post subject:  co-op

what if we were to play vs all the NPC's in the game?

hang on to me, i really think this could be a good idea.

what if the fallen and the awoken started to attack the other factions? They are stronger and keep pushing towards the homeworlds. From the beginning of the game you have to chose a faction (or are assigned to one). As soon as a faction is destroyed, it's game over.

how does the game work? Simple. Every tick the fallen and the awoken make one move. So, every tick they get once system closer to a homeworld. Once they reach it, they will start to attack it. It's up to us to A. prevent them from reaching the homeworlds and B. if they manage to breach trough, stop them from destroying them.

You can also make every faction do the same, and you need to help your NPC's to push forward. However i think the first idea is better (and easyer to program).

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