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 Post subject: Planet buffs
PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:08 am 

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Ok, so last night while I was half asleep I was answering a question, and it resulted in a really long message, half of which I've already forgotten at this point.

The thing is Planets currently have certain timeperiod and activity based vulnerability points, my post suggested various ways to redress these points, with various examples. Mostly it's the examples that I've forgotten, but I still remember the gist of it. What this change should do is adjust the planets to no longer just have an offence and defence, but they will also have a focus point. This means that specific types of raiders will be impacted in a very significant way, pretty much meaning if you are trying to raid the planet with a raider type which is countered by the Planet Buff's Focus point the raiders will be damaged a LOT more.
An Defence based armor raider might receive 4 times as much armor damage, with the same amount of weapons, or even just a Defence based raider will receive 2 times the damage.
A planet might receive a Time to be raided boost, by decreasing the amount of defence it would lose each turn. So a planet with let me take my own planet with 102000 defence value as an example if that took twice as long to raid you might be looking at having to siege it for almost 3 hours, and having to try to beat it's resupply speeds, as it generates 21.000 defence on each hourly refresh too.
A Manouver based raider will be shot by 100% more accuracy meaning a planet that is controlled by a player 50 levels lower still is a danger. So a lvl 20 player doesn't mean the planet is automatically raidable.

the flip-side

Planets will have a slightly HIGHER curve, meaning it will be more expensive to reach the same ratings you see now. Because if player planets now are unraidable by the toplevel players, who have a decent build. Imagine what that would be like with JUST a buff. already some planets are at levels that you need 50-100 tril raider builds to be able to raid the planet. My own raiders cost 2trillion, and they can't raid half of the planets in-game. To make that they have a 50/50 chance of raiding half the planets in-game and a 50/50 chance of exploding the higher curve will make the planet weaker, and the buff will make the planet stronger in it's specific element.

Example: My raiders 3800/261 should die to these 2 buff-focus's Shield damage buff on same playerlevel planets with 200+ Heavy Alpha Torpedoes and Accuracy buff on playerlevel -30 with 400+ Heavy Alpha Torpedoes(which should be pretty much unaffordable with the new curve(like 5tril), but than again 2tril raiders are pretty much unaffordable, and as you are always risking the raiders, yet the planet will still be there after it's raided, the more expensive option is the planet-build).
They should live to planets with under 100 weapons, or buff-focus armor or fighters, instead of shields.

the player has to SELECT just 1 focus point. So you don't automatically know what they have decided to do with the planet.

The available focus points also will NOT all be to counter raiding.
some of the other idea's included a focus point for FOOD and SETTLEMENT increasing a planets population, and thus increasing it's income.

Now some of the fine-print.
A planet BUFF-focus is NOT visible on the outside. This means you will always be risking your raiders, if a planet is even built half-decent, as you can never tell what BUFF-focus has been selected.
A planets BUFF-focus can ONLY be reset once every 192 hours(8 days). So if a player tries a test-raid and decides a different type of raider might be better, it's not immediatly countered.
A planets BUFF-focus takes 12 hours to reset, during these 12 hours a planet has NO buff, that a planet has been scheduled to reset it's buff-focus is NOT reported in the news, to prevent players jumping every planet that's "under construction". A planet WILL report that it's buff focus has been RESET, once the 12 hour timer has run out. This let's players know that whatever experiment they tried earlier, needs to be reconsidered, but that they now have a minimum of 8.5 days before the planet is reset again.

*A HOMEWORLD, or planet controlled by 1 of the factions, Currently Galactic Federation 1012, Rebellion 3019, Pirates 5049, Awoken 8045, Fallen 9045, and Earth 7035, will automatically change focus each time it is raided. It will no longer be possible to re-raid them after the hourly refresh when they regain their defences, They will be able to be re-raided after the Buff-focus is reset, so that a homeworld will be unraidable for 12 hour since the last time it was raided. This means a rather than just a period of it being impossible to dock on a homeworld, you will have an even longer period where it is COMPLETLY safe to dock on a homeworld, while the homeworld resets. This to prevent it being raided continually, with a player "knowing it's raid-focus"

Final points.
This enables more experimental raiding, and a much more engaging and exciting raid-experience, it also re-opens the you can be raided out of ANY location.

My apologies for the EXTREMELY long read, but the PM I sent milo was incredibly long too, and hopefully he can add anything I'm forgetting from my original PM, now that I've had time to think about it a little.
I also hope you enjoy this idea?

 Post subject: Re: Planet buffs
PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:53 am 

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nice idea ^^

the game needs a few more option yes... i really miss the signature scanners for example. once you lose sight of whom your hunting down, its hard to find them again.
it's kinda like the cat and the mouse, but the mouse in this game has a gazillion holes in the wall, confusing the cat :(

but on your idea: yeah... i totally agree. This gives beginning players the chanse to build up their planet with a fair chanse to not be raided out all the time by players who are more advanced in the game as you

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