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 Post subject: My world, my colonists
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Planet building

Milo has provided us with this list on planets.

For starters
So we've bought a genesis device at the nearest black market.
First we need to decide where to put it. The first thing to consider than is where you can't put it.
Any alien territory is unavailable this includes 7062 and 7079.
All homeworlds are unavailable as they are already existing planets.
All blackmarkets are unavailable as well. That covers the unavailable locations.

Where to build
This can depend on your situation.
The decision can affect how eassilly the planet can be found by others,
and how eassilly you can stock up the planet.
I prefer finding a location that is easy to stock up from.
This means above a port preferably with adjacent ports nearby.
So in the middle of a cluster of ports to trade to would be ideal for me.
When you build your planet you will be asked what you want to call your planet.
Choose your own preferred planet name.

Our planet
Once you have placed the planet somewhere, you need to know what it does
first you have 1 building of an org farm, colonist housing, fighter hangar shield bay and shield generator. a total of 5 starter buildings absolutly free.
First thing we do is make things cheaper to upgrade and we destroy the shield bay and shield generator. Optionally you can also destroy the org farm, if you plan to build the planet quickly(under 2 weeks). 1 org farm won't break the bank though, it'll only effect you by several 100 million.
Next up, we check the tax settings and set it to 1%. And finally we open up the planet to clan members to let them dock and deposit resources on the rock.
You don't have to enable them to take tech or credits if you don't want to let them do that.

What do we build
First off we ask our clans biggest tradeship, or ship with most cargoholds to start buying colonists from the port next to the planet and deposit it on the planet, when going back to the port, he doesn't need to trade anything, but if he's in a harvester, he can mine crystals thus saving 2 turns for each time he does this, as he would have had to dock on planet and port anyway, and this way he's getting an extra activity in at the same time. Turns are valuable in SEI every single 1 of them, decides if you will be the leading clan or second. It's still cheaper to do this with pure traders though. As the amount of colonists grow you try and keep the colonists at 90% of the player housing, except when you go to sleep, when you go to sleep you set it to 80% full, by increasing housing by an extra amount dependant on what you have. We keep a margin incase we lose internet and have to find another means of accessing the net, and for other eventualities. Colonists eat. Organics is the produce that goes down based on the amount your colonists eat. Have your stocker, switch from colonists to organics occassionally to keep the amount of organics at at least 20times what the planet will use up each turn. This will mean no matter how much the planet grows you'll be able to be away from the net for 12 hours, without the colonists starting to starve. Once the planet is stocked to 80mil colonists the person stocking the planet can focus a little less on stocking the planet with colonists.

He should now be trading for cash, he can still stock a few colonists if they're at 50,000,000 untill the planet reaches 100mil colonists after that he should focus exclusivly on obtaining cash. the cash will be used to build more colonist housing. with a bit of effort you can have colonist housing max'd in 4 days, between yourself and your planet stocker, for about 32bil. If you were to do this with organics farms at the same time equal organics to colonist housing it would cost you around 100bil, this does include the cost of the organics farms though. So how much will the organics farms set you back. about another 8bil or so. total 40bil with this method. This means you've saved 60bil by stocking organics rather than using farm. Say a player earns 10bil with 10k turns the semi big trader/harvesters all are capable of this. that means if you don't do it this way you lose 6 days worth of turns, let's say a week. A planet being completed a week later means you have earnt 50bil less from it. As you have to take the amount it earns when it's max'd into account as the planet will continue into the late game. what's more the planet earning money earlier will mean that it's helping you continue competitvly against your opponents, by increasing your ships sizes with the income generated from the planet.

We're not there yet though, because we left at around 300mil colonists (if you left the planet at 1% and kept stocking organics) and with housing and organics farms max. the planet will take another 2-3 days to finish reaching 500mil colonists and now that organics farms are max'd you no longer have to worry about keeping organics stocked. What you do have to worry about is that we're now 5-6 days into the game and our planet still only has 1 fighter hangar, and a rating of 50/50. Oh dear we lost our planet, so we've focussed on the colonists, but when do we start putting extra fighter hangars on the planet and how many will scare off potential profiteers, so that we don't lose our planet.

This will depend on the round competition. You can never make a planet completly safe in the beginning that there won't be somebody who can raid it. The stocking of colonists is normally complete within the first 2 days. within 2 days most people are looking at tier 2 ships(100k faction requirement). these aren't yet incredibly dangerous. To prevent tier 2 ships from taking your planet you need to increase your planet to at least 1500 rating. I build pure fighter hangars for this as I look to the future. Generally I play it safe and go with 2000/2000 which is 40 fighter hangars. This will cost you another 4bil. 44bil spent 5-6 days into the game and you need to spend more, oh no. yes 5-6 days into the game you're looking at tier 3 ships arriving. Some players will already be lvl 30+ and they are dangerous now. If you've been focussing on cash like I've asked you to you should have the same ship and player levels as them though so if they've built a tier3 raid fleet and raided your rock sell 6 ships buy raiders and raid it back, if you have the lvl advantage of more than 5 lvl's you can even go with manouvre raiders. If they raid it before the 6th day don't worry let them keep it between day 4 and 6, they've used turns and spent money on ships that they have to sell to stay within 5 lvl's of you competitivly and if you continue lvling first you WILL gain those 5 lvl's on them, just due to the turns they spent raiding.

Now it's day 6 and we've got our 2500/2500 planet (yes we snuck in an extra 10 fighter hangars since we built it) we need to increase it's strength at this stage. 5000/5000 50 fighter hangars this is quite expensive though more than 15bil, if you want to go cheaper you can build 6000/4000 20 heavy alpha torpedoes with an extra 30 fighter hangars, which will only cost 6bil and 3000 tech. This makes it impossible for somebody to raid with stock defence raiders. and since early raiding is done with manouvre and you've kept up in levels they can't afford the raiding yet, and you are making more money than them. That sucks for them doesn't it. Day 9 or 10 you can look at what you do. You currently have the option to raid the ports that havn't yet lvl'd past lvl 38 with the money the planet and your mining has made. or build weapons for your planet. if you build weapons for your planet you can gain more lvl's harvesting. But if you go raiding you can earn more cash. However you'll start having trouble with lvl's later. For information on raiding check this section

Remember this is day 9 or 10 and we need to keep the planet safe as raiding is about to start from the really competitive clans. Since this is about planet building I'm going to go with the choice that we have decided to build weapons for our planet.
We now need to know which weapons, and how effective they are.
At the moment Heavy Alpha Torpedoes can be used almost exclusivly to defend a planet. We need to see if this will change in the near future but for now they are indeed sufficient.
So let's build 50 of these for about 8bil and 7500 tech, this will increase the rating to 10k/5k or 11k/4 depending on what you decided on before. Wow that was cheap. indeed. You choose this route and you can upgrade your harvester faster during this period.

You choose the raider route and are successfull at it and you might end up with 5 of these planets and nobody able to claim them back. Ofcourse you can also end up with dead raiders. risk and reward. Every choice you make has them.

The do not build list
the planet also has buildings for resources like metal fuel electronics and even more useless crystal do not build any of these let the stocker stock these for you when you need them. At the moment these buildings just make the other buildings your building more expensive.
Shields aren't used because they make fighter hangars more expensive, they don't do damage, and raiders destroy shields much faster than fighters, as there are less of them. even if you build 5000 of them, they are still useless.

So this is my guide on how to build a planet in 10 days. Some rounds it takes players 3 weeks before they are ready. 9-10 days is around the 30k turns run mark.

I hope you learnt a lot, and good luck.

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