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Author:  Milo [ Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Change Log

Round 75-77 Changes:

  • Due to a new version being coded, no changes were made these rounds.

Round 74 Changes:

  • General Changes
    • Galaxy Map updated.
      • The map has been updated to make more sense. Moving left/right will change the 1's column and moving up/down will change the 10's column.
      • Note that the locations of many wormholes has shifted slightly.

Round 73 Changes:

  • General Changes
    • Planet happiness added.
      • Happiness on a planet will go up or down each hour based on the tax rate and colonists having enough to eat.
      • High happiness levels will increase the amount of tech, resources and colonists gained each hour.
      • Low happiness levels will decrease the amount of tech, resources and colonists gained each hour.
      • Note: This system will be expanded on in future rounds to potentially cause greater penalties, give greater rewards, be effected by other things, etc. (ideas welcome). I wanted to be able to watch and balance how easy/hard it is to keep happiness high before going too crazy with the effects.
    • The price multiplier of Metal has been reduced to 70 (from 80).
    • The experience multiplier of Fuel has been increased to 0.25 (from (0.2).
    • The price multiplier of Crystals has been increased to 110 (from 105).
    • Star sector hourly resource spawn rates have been adjusted.
    • Clan member limit changed to 3 (from 5).
    • In addition to claiming a planet when it is defenseless players may now also send ownership of that planet to a fellow clan member and/or active a terra imploder without claiming it first.
    • Clan members now have the ability to deactivate a terra imploder on any clan owned planet.

  • Combat Changes
    • The percent chance for a weapon to always hit in combat (regardless of AI/MAN) has been increased.
    • Rolling a critical hit will now also become a guaranteed hit as well (previously you needed to also hit in order to do critical damage).

  • Race Changes
    • Human
      • Metal gathering rate increased to +10 (from +5).
      • Gathering EXP increased to 110% (from 105%).
    • Keldoran
      • Metal gathering rate increased to -5 (from -10).
      • Fuel gathering rate decreased to -15 (from -10).
    • Dranaar
      • Trading EXP increased to 105% (from 100%).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Metal gathering rate decreased to -5 (from 0).
      • Fuel gathering rate increased to +10 (from +5).
    • Vephar
      • Gathering EXP decreased to 105% (from 110%).

Round 72 Changes:

  • Planet AI has been adjusted. I won't be going in to detail about these changes except for the following notes:
    • It will now be possible to MAN raid planets.
    • Player level difference will make it easier for a raider who is higher level or harder for a player who is lower level.
    • Homeworlds have more AI than player owned planets.

  • Race Changes
    • Human
      • Gathering EXP increased to 105% (from 100%).
    • Keldoran
      • Cargo Holds bonus increased to +25 (from +20).
      • Fighter bonus increased to +20 (from +15).
    • Dranaar
      • Cargo Holds bonus added at +5 (from 0).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Critical Strike Chance penalty increased to -4 (from +2).
      • Tech Production increased to 120% (from 115%).
    • Vephar
      • Armor penalty increased to -15 (from -10).
      • Stealth bonus increased to +25 (from +20).

Round 71 Changes:

  • Scoring from raiding planets has been adjusted. You will now receive less and less points for repeatedly raiding the same planet. The exact changes will remain private.

  • Race Changes
    • Human
      • Armor bonus added at +5 (was 0).
    • Keldoran
      • Cargo Holds bonus increased to +20 (from 15).
    • Dranaar
      • Combat EXP bonus increased to 115% (from 110%).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Fuel gathering bonus added at +5 (was 0).
    • Vephar
      • Fighter penalty added at -5 (was 0).
      • Repair Rate increased to 125% (from 115%).

Round 70 Changes:

  • NPC's will now match the players level at higher levels. NPC's will be considered to be their normal level or the level of the player fighting them (whichever is higher) during combat.
  • Race Changes:
    • Human
      • Combat EXP reduced to 95% (from 100%).
    • Keldoran
      • Armor penalty removed (from -5).
    • Dranaar
      • Trade EXP increased to 100% (from 95%).
      • Trade Profit increased to 102% (from 100%).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Gathering EXP increased to 100% (from 95%).
    • Vephar
      • Tech Production increased to 105% (from 100%).

Round 69 Changes:

  • Race Changes
    • Human
      • Gathering EXP bonus removed (from 105%).
      • Combat EXP penalty removed (from 95%).
    • Keldoran
      • Gathering EXP penalty added at 95% (from 100%).
      • Tech Production bonus reduced to 105% (from 110%).
      • Repair Rate bonus increased to 140% (from 125%).
    • Dranaar
      • Gathering EXP penalty added at 95% (from 100%).
      • Critical Strike Chance bonus increased to 7 (from 5).
      • Visibility bonus increased to 20 (from 15).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Combat EXP bonus reduced to 105% (from 110%).
      • Tech Production bonus reduced to 115% (from 120%).
      • Visibility bonus increased to 10 (from 5).
      • Stealth bonus increased to 10 (from 5).
    • Vephar
      • Repair Rate bonus increased to 115% (from 105%).
      • Gathering EXP bonus added at 110% (from 100%).
      • Trade Profit penalty added at 95% (from 100%).
      • Fighter penalty removed (from -5).

Round 68 Changes:

  • All cargo holds doubled (ships, upgrades, racials).
  • Turn cost to buy/sale from/to ports and load/unload from/to planets has been doubled.
  • Metal/Fuel upgrades increased to +30 (from +24).

Note: These changes will cause a player to trade approximately the same amount in half as many clicks. Hopefully, this will make the task of trading/gathering less tedious. Some tweaking will likely be needed and this change is partially experimental. Also note that the Metal/Fuel rates are being increased to counter the fact that movement turn cost has not been changed meaning trading will be boosted more by the turn changes.

  • Fleet status bars added.

Round 67 Changes:

  • Quark Disruptor accuracy changed to 40% to be inline with other raid weapons.
  • Ports/Planets will now display a message on the docked screen indicating they are under attack.
  • Max Reputation has been increased to +/- 225,000.
  • Banks can now be built on player owned planets.
  • Genesis Devices and Terra Imploders can now be sold at Black Markets for 25% of their original cost.
  • Port/Planet/Ship ratings have been adjusted.
    • Planets will now use the actual weapon ratings instead of a flat 100 per weapon (ports already use weapon ratings).
    • Ships will now use the same offense rating for fighters as planets (previously fighters did not add to offensive ratings).
    • Ports will now use the same offense rating for fighters as planets resulting in a higher rating (the old rating will be around 14% of the new).
    • Planets will now use the same defense rating for shields and fighters as ships resulting in a higher rating (the old rating will be around 50% of the new).
    • Ports will now use the same defense rating for shields and fighters as ships resulting in a MUCH higher rating for fighters and lower rating for shields (old figs will be around 3.5% of the new, old shields will be around 500% of the new).
      • Note: These planet changes also apply to homeworlds.
      • Note: These changes are display only as I'm working on getting the same numbers across the entire game. The strength of the ports/planets/ships are unaffected by these changes.
  • Races:
    • Vephar:
      • Metal Rate bonus increased to +20 (from +10).

Round 65 Changes:

  • The interest rate has been lowered to 2.5% and will now accumulate during the daily maintenance instead of the hourly.
  • Weapons on ships can now be reordered on the ship details screen.
  • Scout Arrays now cost 1 million credits (up from 5000).
  • Scout Arrays can now be sold for 25% of their purchase cost.
  • Repair Bots now cost 5 tech (down from 10).

Round 64 changes:

  • Rare artifacts now turn in for 2000 rep (up from 1500).
  • Personal banks have been added. They can be accessed from any homeworld. (Currently credits only)
    • Clarification: Your bank is not effected by homeworlds being raided.
  • Money in personal or clan banks will now earn 5% interest during each hourly maintenance.
  • Races:
    • Human
      • Armor bonus increased to +10 (from +5).
      • Shield bonus reduced to 0 (from +5).
    • Keldoran
      • Fighter bonus increased to +15 (from +10).
      • Repair Rate bonus increased to 125% (from 110%).
    • Dranaar
      • Combat EXP bonus reduced to 110% (from 120%).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Critical Strike Chance penalty added at -2 (was 0).
      • Repair Rate bonus increased to 150% (from 125%).
    • Vephar
      • Fuel Rate bonus reduced to 0 (from +5).
      • Metal Rate bonus increased to +10 (from +5).

Round 63 Changes:

  • The cost of terra imploders has been increased.
  • Repair rates for armor and shields have been increased.
  • Repair modules on ships will now be more effective.
  • NPC's will no longer lose experience when killed.
  • NPC ships have been adjusted to be a bit more even between the different factions.
  • Planet/Port weapons have been adjusted. See the weapons help file for their new stats.
  • All siege weapons will now correctly cost 10 tech.
  • The max planet tax rate is now 24%.
  • Tax will above 12% will now less harshly effect population loss (24% should lose around the same that 0% gains, 12% is still breaking even).
  • Homeless colonists will no longer drag their sheltered friends with them to other planets for being homeless.
  • AI effectiveness against other ships has been reduced bringing it more in line with Maneuver (Ports/Planets AI remains unchanged).
  • Fighter upgrades will now give 50 fighters per upgrade (up from 25).
  • The following buildings on planets now produce 10 times as many resources per hour: Metal Mines, Fuel Refineries, Electronics Factories, Crystal Refineries
  • Races:
    • Human
      • Fighter penalty increased to -10 (from -5).
      • Shield bonus increased to 5 (from 0).
      • Armor bonus increased to 5 (from 0).
    • Keldoran
      • Armor penalty reduced to -5 (from -20).
      • Fighter bonus increased to 10 (from 5).
      • Cargo hold bonus reduced to 20 (from 25).
    • Dranaar
      • Visibility bonus lowered to 15% (from 30).
      • Crit bonus increased to 4% (from 2).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Fighter bonus increased to 5 (from 3).
      • Visibility bonus increased to 5% (from 0).
      • Stealth bonus increased to 5% (from 0).
    • Vephar
      • Stealth bonus lowered to 15% (from 25).
      • Fighter penalty increased to -5 (from -3).
      • Repair bonus increased to 105% (from 100).

Round 62 Changes:

  • Planet owners may now access their planet's option page from anywhere using the link under the player menu.
  • Ships have been completely redesigned (see the ships help file for the new stats).
  • Factions have merged for simplicity. Faction relations have also changed (see the factions help file for up-to-date info).
  • Weapons have been adjusted (see the weapon help file for new stats).
  • Size 5 ships may now only equip size 5 weapons.
  • Minor tweaks have been made to combat. These changes will be kept private, though none of them are big enough to have too much of an impact on the way you play.
  • Visibility is now done on a per fleet basis instead of per ship.
  • Scout Arrays are now subject to visibility.
  • Sector visibility has been added.
  • Killing NPC's will now give less EXP.
  • NPC's should now be slightly harder to kill.
  • Fighter upgrades will now give 25 fighters (down from 100).
  • Fuel and Metal Rate upgrades will now give 24 x rate (up from 12).
  • Fuel and Metal EXP/Credit modifiers have been swapped (Metal will now be higher EXP, Fuel higher credits).
  • You will now gain a different amount of EXP when gathering based on which resource you are gathering.
  • The Fuel and Metal gathering equipment (AFP/AMP) now increases gathering rates by 50% (up from 35%).
  • Rep gains from turning in tech and artifacts to a black market have been lowered.
  • Planet shield generators and batteries are now 5 times as effective.
  • Housing/Research buildings are now separate from Production buildings when determining building costs on planets.
  • It now costs 1 turn to steal or drop a scout array.
  • All Artifact Scanner and Cloaking Device technology has been purchased by The Awoken. They will only share with their BFF's.

  • Races
    • Human
      • Fighter penalty decreased to -5 (from -20).
      • Fuel Rate bonus decreased to +10 (from +20).
      • Metal Rate bonus decreased to +10 (from +15).
    • Keldoran
      • Fighter bonus decreased to +5 (from +10).
      • Gathering EXP increased to 100% (from 95%).
    • Dranaar
      • Gathering EXP increased to 100% (from 95%).
    • Rad`Ni
      • Fighter bonus decreased to +3 (from +10).
      • Gathering EXP decreased to 95% (from 100%).
    • Vephar
      • Fighter penalty decreased to -3 (from -10).
      • Shield bonus decreased to +30 (from +35).
      • Gathering EXP increased to 95% (from 90%).
      • Trading EXP increased to 95% (from 90%).

Round 61 Changes:

  • New equipment added: Artifact scanner.
  • NPC starting levels have been increased to 25 (aliens to 40) from 20.
  • Scout Array durations will now refresh whenever you refresh the location screen in the same sector as the array.
  • Scout Array durations have been raised to 48 hours from 24.
  • A bug has been fixed that would sometimes expire scout arrays on the first hourly after dropping them.
  • Scout Array durations are now displayed on the fleet listing page along with their locations.
  • NPC Kill Score will now have a lower effect on your Dominance Score (about 50% of what it was before).
  • Overall score has been removed.
  • Ship Changes:
    • Base weapons slots removed from the Universal Freighter and Universal Harvester.
    • Universal Freighter fuel/metal rate decreased to 0/0 from 50/50.
    • Universal Harvester fuel/metal rate increased to 550/550 (from 400/440) and cargo holds reduced to 800 (from 1000).
    • Universal Destroyer reduced to size 3 (from 4), fighters increased to 100 (from 0) and armor increased to 750 (from 500).
    • Trade League Mark I fuel/metal rate increased to 800/800 (from 700/700).
    • Trade League Mark II fuel/metal rate increased to 1600/1600 (from 1400/1400).
    • Trade League Mark III fuel/metal rate increased to 2400/2400 (from 2100/2100).
    • All Galactic Royal Navy ships max equipment increased to 4 (from 2).
    • Bounty Hunters Storm manu. increased to 15 (from 10).
    • Bounty Hunters Colossus manu. increased to 20 (from 10).
    • All Rebellion ships AI increased to 20 (from 10).
    • Anarchists Annihilation AI reduced to 25 (from 50).
    • Allegiance Disobedience base cost increased to 15 million credts (from 10mil).
    • Allegiance Uncivil base cost increased to 25 million credits (from 15mil).
  • Race Changes:
    • Human
      • Fight penalty increased to -20 (from -10).
      • Fuel Rate bonus increased to +20 (from +15).
    • Keldoran
      • Trade EXP increased to 110% (from 105%).
      • Fight bonus increased to +10 (from +5).
      • Cargo Hold bonus increased to +25 (from +20).

Round 60 Changes:

- Cargo Hold Upgrades now more rapidly increase ship level.
- NPC's should now sometimes move in small packs.
- Players can now view their last 5 combat reports via the player menu.
- Black Markets now exist to trade in rep for all factions.
- A list of BM's can be found at any homeworld under the "Tavern" link.
- Ports should now more often have 0 or 50k of any resource.
- The amount of rep gained for trading artifacts/tech has been lowered.
- Homeworlds have had their offense lowered and defense raised.
- The Nebula Separator and Star Cannon have had their damage lowered.
- The Awoken Uprising, Fallen Iconoclast and Fallen Eradicator have had their defenses lowered.

- Human
--- Metal and Fuel bonuses lowered to +15 (from +20).
- Keldoran
--- Cargo Holds bonus lowered to +20 (from +25).
--- Fight bonus increased to +5 (from 0).
- Dranaar
--- AI bonus lowered to +1 (from +2).
--- Armor bonus increased to +30 (from +25).
- Rad`Ni
--- Armor penalty increased to -15 (from -10).
--- Shield bonus increased to +15 (from +10).
- Vephar
--- Armor penalty increased to -10 (from 0).
--- Fighter penalty increased to -10 (from 0).
--- Shield bonus increased to +35 (from +30).
--- Metal and Fuel bonuses increased to +5 (from 0).

Round 59 Changes:

- Planet Tech Production increased by 20%.
- Planet Credit Income reduced by 50%.
- Raiding EXP increased by 100%.
- Raiding homeworlds now gives EXP.
- Kills are now recorded using a score forumla instead of a kill count.
- Raids are now recorded using a score forumla instead of a raid count.
- Planet raids now reward trophies.
- Player owned planet raids and homeworld raids now have a seperate stat/trophy.
- Ports will now grow at a slow rate even if they are not used.

- Human
--- Tech Production reduced to 95% (from 100%).
- Dranaar
--- Crit Bonus increased to +2 (from 0).
- Vephar
--- Cargo Hold Penalty removed (was -5).

Round 58 Changes:

- EXP Gained for killing NPC's has been reduced by 50%.
- Repairing ships now awards EXP.
- Rad`Ni color has changed because of all the grey haters.
- NPC and Player Kill trophies are now separate.

- Human
--- Repair Rate increased to 110% (from 100).
--- All Gather Bonus rates increased to +20 (from 10).
- Keldoran
--- Repair Rate increased to 110% (from 100).
- Rad`Ni
--- Repair Rate increased to 125% (from 100).
- Dranaar
--- Armor Bonus reduced to +25 (from 35).
--- AI Bonus increased to +2 (from 1).
--- Combat EXP Bonus reduced to 120% (from 150).
- Vephar
--- Combat EXP Bonus reduced to 115% (from 135).
--- Weapon Crit Chance Bonus added at +2%.

Round 57 Changes:

- The universe has greatly increased in size.
- New combat based equipment has been added (see help files for a list).
- Fighters can no longer be repaired.
- You may now only repair one player at a time instead of your entire clan plus yourself.
- Multiple ship weapon purchasing has been added.
- The combat system has been completely rewritten.
- You may now dock at homeworlds with up to -100,000 repuation (though you still need -2000 or more to buy most things).
- You may now pay a BM to send you to the alien galaxies if your reputation is not high enough to secure free transport.

Round 56 Changes:

- You may now dock at ports if you are at or above -100,000 reputation.

- Keldoran
--- Tech Production bonus increased to 110% (from 105%).
- Dranaar
--- Armor bonus increased to +35 (from +30).
--- Combat EXP bonus increased to 150% (from 130%).
- Rad`Ni
--- Shield bonus reduced to +10 (from +15).
--- Fighter bonus reduced to +10 (from +15).
--- Armor penalty reduced to -10 (from -15).
- Vephar
--- Cargo Holds penalty reduced to -5 (from -15).
--- Cloak bonus increased to 25% (from 15%).

Round 55 Changes:

- Human
--- Now have a -10 fighter penalty.
- Keldoran
--- Now have a +5% tech production bonus.
- Dranaar
--- Visibility bonus increased to +30 (from 20).
- Rad`Ni
--- Now have a -15 armor penalty.
- Vephar
--- Combat EXP bonus increased to +35% (from 20).

SEI Rounds will also now last for 2 months (instead of 6 weeks)

Round 54 Changes:

- Player and NPC kills have been seperated.
- Port and Planet fighter damage has been greatly reduced.
- Port and Planet fighter damage can now bleed over from fighters to shields to armor.
- The Online Players link no longer displays the total online (You can still click it to see how many are on).
- Three new frequencies have been added (Defense Only, Offense Only, Off).
- Players may now transfer artifacts to each other.
- Players may now only have 1 planet at a time (Down from 5).
- Planet owned ports will now always be the alignment of the sector they are in.
- Fighter, Shield and Weapon costs on planets are now linked (In otherwords, building fighters or shields makes your weapons cost more and vice versa).
- Base ship stats have been adjusted.
- Base weapon stats have been adjusted.
- Faction relations (reputation) have been adjusted.
- Interacting with the Fallen or Awoken will never positively effect your reputation with non-alien factions.
- Interacting with non-alien factions will never positively effect your reputation with the Fallen or Awoken.
- Players may now withdraw credits/tech from defenseless planets.
- Score equation adjusted.

Race Changes:
- Human
--- Fuel/Metal rate bonus increased to +10 (from +5).
--- Combat EXP reduced to 95% (from 100%).
--- Gathering EXP increased to 105% (from 100%).
- Keldoran
--- Fighter bonus reduced to 0 (from +75).
- Dranaar
--- Combat EXP bonus increased to 130% (from 120%).
--- Trade EXP penalty reduced to 95% (from 90%).
--- Visibilty bonus increased to 20 (from 15).
- Rad`Ni
--- Combat EXP increased to 110% (from 90%).
--- Tech Production increased to 120% (from 100%).
- Vephar
--- Fuel/Metal rate penalty reduced to 0 (from -5).

Round 53 Changes:

- Colonist Housing on planets now limited to 500.
- Shield Generators on planets have been buffed.
- The chance to gain tech from trading to ports has been increased.
- Galaxy map layouts have been changed.
- New movement system added.
- The reputation mark needed to be attacked by NPC's has been changed. It now ranges from 0 to -150,000 varying by faction.
- New NPC ships have been added and old NPC ships have had their stats altered to add variety.

- A bug causing the Dranaar visibilty bonus not to work has been fixed.

- Genesis Devises added.
- Terra Imploders added.
- Terra Imploders will now take 48 hours to take effect and can be deactivated by the planet owner at any time before the planets destruction.

Round 49 changes:

- Planet code has been rewritten. This includes various bug fixes, fixed display issues, and some minor changes.
- Ports attached to planets will now always be normal sized. Port upgrades will now only increase the ammount of cash generated on the planet from trading with the port.
- Defensive Disruptor Cannon\`s have had their damage corrected to their intended values.
- Players are now again able to transfer Credits and Tech Units to each other.
- You now have a chance to be tipped with Tech Units when selling goods to ports.
- Repair bots can now be purchased from homeworlds.

Round 48 Changes:

- Ports and Planets have been weakened.
- Some weapons have been altered as reflected in the help files.
- Turns used for self destructing or selling ships lowered to 1 turn per ship.
- Score from trading has been reduced.
- The trophies handed out have been altered starting this round as follows:
--- 1-10 Score
--- 1-5 Turns Run
--- 1-5 Kills
--- 1-5 Port Raids
--- 1-3 EXP
--- Most Ships Lost
--- Top Clan

Round 47 Changes:

- The accuracy equation has be altered to make AI more reliable.
- Port/Planet defenses have been altered.
- Port upgrades on planets will now also increase the amount generated on the planet when a player trades with the port (From 1% to 5% at max upgrades).

Race Changes:
- Drannar
--- Shield penalty has been removed.
- Rad`Ni
--- Gathering EXP penalty has been removed.
- Vephar
--- Armor penalty has been removed.

Round 46 Changes:

- Various minor bug fixes have been made to planets.
- Cash generated from planets has been largely increased.
- Turns per hour lowered to 150.
- Cash and EXP gained from killing NPC`s increased.

Round 45 Changes:

- Reintroduction of player owned planets.
- The new score system will now award trophies.
- The amount of trophies awarded for various stats have been altered.

Race Changes:
- Shield/Armor penalties have been raised to -20 (up from -10).
- Fighter bonus has been raised to +75 (up from +50).
- Shield penalty reduced to -10 (down from -25).
- Cargo Hold penalty removed (previsouly -10).
- Armor penalty reduced to -25 (down form -50).
- Fighter penalty removed (previously -15).
- Cargo Hold penalty reduced to -15 (down from -25).

Round 44 Changes:

» Ships and Weapons have been completely redone.
» Faction weapons added.
» Trial score system added (No rewards will be given for score this round).
» Max turns lowered to 10k.
» You will receive 1000 safe turns when your last ship is lost.
» Increased Port defenses.
» Adjusted Faction relations.
» Lower income from goods to slow cash flow.
» Port Raid Rewards will now go up faster, but the maximum cap has been lowered.
» You may now pick you starting ship (Harv or Freighter).

Round 43 Changes:

» Clan tags added.
» EXP loss from deaths lowered.
» New visibility equation added (As always, this equation will not be released).
» Multiple ship selling added.
» Selling ships now costs 20 turns per ship.
» Self destruction ships now costs 5 turns per ship.
» Multiple ship upgrades added (Multiple ship weapon/equipment purchasing will be added in the future).
» The Galactic Senate now has its own faction ships for sale.

The following racial changes have been made:
- Fighter bonus increased to 50 (from 25).

Round 42 Changes:

» Various changes have been made to resource values and experience modifiers.
» Gathering has been improved.
» Ports will now increase their raid rewards slower and will eventually hit a cap.
» The leveling equation has been changed to slow down leveling.
» Scanners have been improved.
» All reputation numbers have been doubled.
» Factions will now allow you to dock with them until -2000 reputation.
» Homeworlds throughout the galaxy have discovered the technology of scout arrays.
» Successful raids now generate reports.
» You no longer need to think twice about whether you really want to trade with a port or not.

The following racial changes have also been made:
- No change.
- Reduced cargo hold bonus to +25 (from 50).
- Reduced trade exp to 105% (from 115).
- Reduced fighter bonus to +25 (from 50).
- Removed fuel/metal gather penalties.
- Reduced cargo hold penalty to -10 (from -25).
- Increased trade exp to 90% (from 80).
- Increased gather exp to 95% (from 90).
- Increased trade exp to 95% (from 90).
- Increased shield bonus to +30 (from 25).
- Reduced cargo hold penalty to -25 (from -50).
- Increased fuel/metal gather penalties to -5 (from 0).
- Increased trade exp to 90% (from 80).
- Decreased gather exp to 90% (from 105%).

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