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URL Security Error
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Author:  Milo [ Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  URL Security Error

URL Security Error

Occasionally in game you may receive the following error:

"SEI Security Error: Spam or Improper URL Detected."

This is a protection against using multiple windows or Spam (repeated clicking) on certain functions. It means that you must perform actions in a linear order.

Valid: Click Repair --> Repair your ship
Invalid: Attack --> Open New Window --> Click Repair --> Repair your ship --> Go back to Prev Window --> Click Attack or refresh

While this may sound complicated, it is not. Multiple windows (maps, clan rankings etc) are not against the rules. However, the functions listed below can be 'exploited' or made faster than intended using some methods. Those are locked out by this security method.

Functions Currently Affected by URL Security:

  • Combat (Ship v Ship, Ship v Planet and Ship v Array)
  • Repairing using the "Fleet Repair" button
  • Ship Upgrading

If you get this error on a consistent basis it usually means your browser is not accepting Cookies correctly. Try clearing your cookies (This can also lead to other errors not discussed in this help page).

If you have any questions use the Contact Staff link at the bottom of any in-game page.

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