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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:48 pm 
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Clans in SEI are loose groups of people that want to work together or, at the very least, not kill each other. In most games you can create your own clan or join another player created clan. In special event games you may be auto assigned to a clan when you join a game.

In games where clans are allowed teamwork is vital to winning a game. Special trophies are awarded to each member of the winning clan. In almost all Clan games, clanmates that work together regularly also receive the lions share of individual trophies.

Joining a Clan

Unless the game is a Solo or Special Event game, you are free to create or join any clan. You can only be in one clan at one time.

View the Clan's Page by clicking on "Details" when viewing the Clan Rankings page. At the bottom of the page you will see the "Join Clan" link. After clicking the link you will be asked for the Clan password. This password protects the clan from having unwanted players in the Clan.

If you are new and do not know any players in the game, private message the leader of a few clans to see if you can join. Most of our clans are very friendly and accepting of newcomers.

Creating Your Own Clan

Creating a new clan is very easy. Visit the Clan Ranking page and click "Create a New Clan" at the bottom of the Clan Rankings.

To create the new clan, fill out the form presented (Name, Symbol, Password and Color). Your Clan Symbol identifies players as members of your clan. It can be any combination of up to 3 Letters, Numbers or these symbols: ~!@#$%&*_+-=×€

Your clan password must be at least 5 characters.

After you submit the form you will be taken to your Clan Roster page. Time to recruit new members!

Leadership and Other Ranks

  • Most often the Leader of a clan is the person who creates it. This person is in control of all clan assets (bank) and all clan options (clan password and kicking out other members). Leadership may be changed by: A Vote by members (if Clan Leadership Voting is on) or by the leader assigning new leadership.

  • A Subcommander can control all clan options except: Disband the clan or kick out new members.
  • A Clan may have up to 2 subcommanders.

  • Treasurers have no access to clan leadership options. They may view the Bank History, make withdrawals and handle other issues on the Clan Bank page.

Clan Options

The following options are available on the Clan Options Page:

  • Kick User -- Removes a player from your clan.
  • Change Password -- Changes the password required to join your clan.
  • Assign a new Clan Leader -- Allows the leader to transfer leadership to another clan member.
  • Disband Clan -- Completely removes the clan from game.
  • Clan Voting Style -- Allows the leader to specify whether the leadership position can be voted on by clan members. If you have voting on, leadership is recalculated every hour. A player must have a minimum of 3 nominations to become the new leader.
  • Clan Ranks -- Allows the leader to assign up to 2 Subcommanders and one Treasurer.
  • Clan Message -- This is a public message displayed below your Clan Name on the Clan Roster page. This can be HTML however certain elements are stripped for security.
  • Clan Leader Message -- This is a private message for Clan Members only. It is also displayed on your Roster page. It is also HTML with stripped elements.

Clan Bank Page

The Clan Bank allows clan members to pool their money for the betterment of the clan. The Clan Leader, Subcommanders and Treasurer have access to these funds.

Clan members can make donations on this page. Any funds that they collect by "taxing" themselves (Clan Contribution on the Player Options page) are also deposited here.

A running total of their contributions or withdrawals is kept and displayed beside each clan members name on this page as well as a list of every clan members bank account.

Clan Combat and Relations

Clan Combat is always on. If you are a member of a clan and attack or defend your clanmates will fire with you.

Be careful when you initiate combat that there are no 'bystanders' near that could get killed.

Clan members cannot fire on their clanmates.

Clan frequencies allow clanmates to choose if they want to fire with clanmates, or not. Usually clan leaders will tell their clanmembers what to set their frequencies on (you can change your setting on the right of your screen just above your ship list). Frequencies available are:

  • Frequency 1 - 1: Will attack/defend with any of your clanmates ships that are also on 1.
  • Frequency 2 - 2: Will attack/defend with any of your clanmates ships that are also on 2.
  • Frequency 3 - 3: Will attack/defend with any of your clanmates ships that are also on 3.
  • Frequency A - All: Will attack/defend with any of your clanmates ships.
  • Frequency D - Defense: Will defend with any of your clanmates ships.
  • Frequency O - Offense: Will attack with any of your clanmates ships.
  • Frequency Off - Off: Will not join in combat with any of your clanmates ships.

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