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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:46 pm 
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Understanding Planet Maintenances:

Planet Maintenances happen every hour at xx:15. All buildings, colonist reproduction and other planet wide features are handled here.

If your planet is setup correctly you will be able to produce shields and fighters as well as other resources to replenish your planet.

3 Report Options are available:

  1. Send a report only on negative (loss of Colonists) activity.
  2. Send a report always (every hour).
  3. Send a report never.

Your Report Option can be changed in your Player Options page (you can access your options under the Player submenu on the left hand side of your screen) and altering the planet_report value.

Drydock Section:

When you first dock on your planet (or any planet) you are presented with the Drydock section.

This page shows all other ships docked on planet as well as resources, cash and tech that are available to take / place on the planet.

Defence & Production Section:

If you are the owner of the planet or if the owner has allowed Clan Members to build on the planet you can view this page.

This page lists all Production Buildings and Defensive Turrets available to build.

All Production Buildings require 1000 Colonists each to function properly. Defensive Turrets do not require any colonists. If a building has less than 1000 Colonists it will show less than 100% efficiency below the building name. The efficiency of a building greatly impacts production so it is wise to keep these values at 100%.

Colonist Housing / Reproduction & Taxes:

If you want your planet to grow your colonists need a few things to help them reproduce or immigrate.

1. Colonist Housing:

  • Your colonists require housing to live, you can build Colonist Housing on your Defence & Buildings page.
  • Each Colonist Housing building can house up to 1,000,000 Colonists
  • Colonists will reproduce over this limit and become homeless.
  • A large percentage of homeless colonists will die off on each Planet Maintenance.
  • Colonist Housing Buildings require credits and resources to build. You can find out how much exactly by viewing the Defence & Buildings section on your planet.

2. Colonist Reproduction & Tax Rate

  • The amount your colonists reproduce is directly affected by your planets Tax Rate.
  • You can change your Tax Rate on the Owner Options page.
  • Taxes collected are stored on the planet for you to retrieve.
  • At 12% Tax your colonists will not reproduce. Above that you will lose colonists per hour, below that you will gain colonists.
  • The amount of Tax you generate per hour is as follows. The example given assumes 50 million colonists with 5 million of them being homeless and a 15% tax rate.
    • (Total Colonists - Homeless Colonists) * Planet Tax Rate * .01 * 12) / 2
    • (50,000,000 - 5,000,000) * 15 * .01 * 12) / 2 = 40,500,000

Research Facilities:

Research Facilities allow your planet to produce tech units. The amount produced is based on the amount of colonists you have.

Port Storage:

Port Storage allows your planet to earn a small amount of income whenever anyone sells resources to the port in the same system. The amount of credits earned is equal to (0.1% * Port Storages) built to a max of 5% of the credits earned for resources sold.

If your planet is built in a system that does not have a port you will have the option to construct a port in that system instead of building port storages. Constructing a port requires 50 million metal, 25 million electronics, 500 million credits and 25 thousand tech units. After constructing a port you will then have the option to build port storages. Building a port is expensive and it is therefor generally recommended to build your planet in a sector that already has a port.

Organics Farms and Colonist Consumption:

Your colonists have to eat. They can produce organics for themselves using Organics Farms. Each Organics Farm will produce up to 1000 organics per hour and requires no additional resources to produce organics once built. Each 1000 colonists require only 1 organic per hour to survive. If your colonists do not have sufficient Organics on a Planet Maintenance a large percentage of the starving colonists will die. The amount of organics generated per hour can be found on the Defence & Buildings section.

To easily see how many organics your colonists require on each Hourly Maintenance divide your total number of colonists by 1000. (Example 5,000,000 Colonists / 1000 = 5000 Organics Needed).

To easily see how many Organics Farms you should have divide the number of Organics Needed by 1000. (Example: 5000 organics needed / 1000 = 5 Farms Needed).

Metal Mines:

Your colonists can mine metal each hour for sale or planet use. Each mine produces 3250 metal per hour.

Fuel Refineries:

Your colonists can harvest / refine Fuel each hour for sale or planet use. Each refinery produces 2250 fuel per hour.

Electronics Factories:

Your colonists can create Electronics each hour for sale or planet use. Creating Electronics also requires Fuel and Metal. Each factory uses 15 metal and 30 fuel to make 4250 electronics per hour.

Crystal Refineries:

Your colonists can harvest / refine Crystal each hour for sale or planet use. Each refinery produces 1500 crystal per hour.

Fighter Hangars:

Along with the Shield Generator this is your primary defence against an attack. Fighter Hangars not only provide storage but they will produce Fighters each hour up to capacity. Fighter Hangars require Electronics, Fuel and Metal to produce Fighters each hour. The maximum amount of Fighters Generated each hour and other resources required can be found on the Defence & Buildings section.

Shield Generator:

The Shield Generator can store up to 1000 Shields per Generator built. While Colonists are required to help this function properly, no hourly resources are taken to maintain this. Your Shield Capacity and Current Battery Charges can be found on the Defence & Buildings section.

Shield Batteries:

Shield Batteries will increase your Shield Charges each hour. They will charge up to the maximum Shield Capacity (Shield Generator Capacity). Shield Batteries require no resources hourly to fill your shields, making them the most inexpensive of all buildings to use. The maximum amount of Shields Generated each hour can be found on the Defence & Buildings Section.

Planetary Weapons (Defensive Turrets):

Planetary Weapons are your Secondary defence against any attackers. You can build as many of these as you can afford (However cost does raise after each is built). The firing order on these can be changed as well. The order they are shown is the order they will fire. During a raid the attacker attempts to destroy all shields or fighters. Planetary weapons help to eliminate their ships before they are able to. Planetary Weapons will not fire if your planet has no shields or fighters. A planet with no shields or fighters is considered defenceless and may be claimed by another player.

Owner Options:

This page is available only to the Owner of a planet.

The following Options are available on the Owner Options page.

  • Transfer to Clan Member: If you are in a clan this will allow you to give your planet away.
  • Set Tax Rate: See Colonist Housing / Reproduction & Taxes.
  • Allow Clan Members to Build: If enabled, Clan Members can use the Defence & Buildings Section.
  • Allow Clan to Withdraw Credits/Tech: If enabled, Clan Members will be able to withdraw Credits and Tech Units from the planet.
  • Allow Public to Dock: If enabled, anyone will be able to dock on your planet. Otherwise, only you and your fellow clan members (if you are in a clan) will be able to dock.
  • Allow Public to Take Resources: If enabled, anyone that can dock to the planet will be able to pick up resources (Fuel, Metal, etc. Normally, only the planet owner and clan members are able to take resources. Anyone that can dock to the planet will always be able to drop resources).
  • Rename Planet: Allows the owner to Rename their planet (Note that this posts to the news).
  • Change Planet Image: Allows the owner to change the planets display image.
  • Unclaim Planet: Allows the owner to unclaim the planet. The planet will then become unowned and will have to be raided before anyone can claim it again.

Various Planet Equations:

Building Costs:
Note: The first building of each category built on the planet ignores the equation and uses the base cost of that building. Base Cost is the initial cost of the weapon or building.
  • Colonization Build Cost: round(Base Cost * (((Total Colonization Buildings + 1) * 2) ^ .9))
  • Production Build Cost: round(Base Cost * (((Total Production Buildings + 1) * 2) ^ .9))
  • Defensive/Weapon Build Cost: round(Base Cost * (((Total Fighter Hangers + ((Total Shield Gens + Total Shield Batteries)/50) Total Weapons + 1) * 2) ^ 1.22))

Base Costs:
Note: Weapon prices can be found in the weapons help file.
Building Metal Fuel Organics Electronics Tech Credits
Housing 1000 200 0 600 0 250000
Research 10000 10000 300 100 0 150000
Bank 10000 5000 2000 250 500 300000
Organics 1000 1000 0 0 0 25000
Metal 0 500 2000 1000 0 25000
Fuel 1000 500 1000 1000 0 75000
Electronics 3000 1000 0 500 0 100000
Crystal 1000 500 1000 1000 0 100000
Port Storage 10000 10000 0 10000 0 200000
Fighter Hangers 5000 5000 0 2000 0 500000
Shield Generators 3000 3000 0 3000 0 10000
Shield Batteries 3000 3000 0 3000 0 5000

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