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Author:  Milo [ Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Equipment


The following Equipment may be purchased at homeworlds. You may have multiple pieces of equipment on your ship, up to the individual ships "Equipment Slot" limit.

Please Note: The effects of individual equipment do not stack. For example if one ship had 4 Cloaking Devices installed, only one would effect whether you were visable or not to enemies.

Other Devices and Items

The following items do not require any special equipment or ships to buy and use.

    Scout Arrays: Scout Arrays will monitor a system for you. They are fairly reliable, cheap and expendible. The Basic Scout Array has a low chance to spot cloaked ships. Basic Scout Arrays can be easily Stolen or Destroyed. Be aware though, they have a chance to not only broadcast an alert about being Stolen or Destroyed, but can also explode killing the ship that tried to steal it.

    Repair Bots: Repairs Bots allow you to repair ships that belong to other members of your clan. One Repair Bot is consumed every time you repair one ship.

    Genesis Device: Once bought the Genesis device can create a planet in any system. Genesis Devices are available at Blackmarkets only.

    Terra Imploder: Once bought the Terra Imploder can be used to destroy a planet you own. Once activated a planet will be destroyed after 48 hours. This countdown can only be canceled by the planet owner. Terra Imploders are available at Blackmarkets only.

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