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 Post subject: Ships & Upgrades
PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:15 pm 
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SEI Name: Milo

SEI has a wide variety of ships to purchase. Take note the different factions listed below.

Universal ships are the neutral ships of SEI and can be purchased by all players at any homeworld. All other factions ships can only be purchased at that factions homeworld and only by players with high enough reputation with that faction (as shown on the chart below).

The following is a list of all Ships:


As you can see Ships have many things that can be different from one ship to the next.

Lets go in order of the chart above:

    Ship Class: This is the type of ship available. There are numerous classes of ships. This has little effect on gameplay other than helping you or your opponent distinguish one ship from another.

    Ship Size: This is the size of a ship. Depending on what size a ship is its weapon choices are restricted. Ships can not carry a weapon that has a size that is larger than the ships size. A size 1 ship can only carry size 1 weapons, but a size 4 ship can carry any size weapons from 1 - 4. However, ships of size 5 or higher are too large to hold weapons of size 4 or lower.

    Weapon Slots: This is how many empty weapon slots are available on the ship when you first purchase it. Any ship can carry up to 20 weapon slots.

    Equipment Slots: This is how many pieces of Equipment can fit on a ship. This can never be upgraded on any ship.

    Fighters: This is how many Fighters a ship starts with. Fighters function like any Weapon, however their damage is dependent on how many fighters you have. The more you have the more damage you will do.

    Shields: This is how many Shields a ship starts with. Shields are a ships primary defence. Shields will absorb damage after any fighters you may have are destroyed.

    Armor: This is how much Armor your ship starts with. Armor is your last line of defence. If an attacker gets you down to 0 armor, your ship will explode.

    Maneuverability: This is your ships agility. The higher Maneuverability your ship has the more likely it is to dodge incoming fire from fighters or other ships weapons.

    Artificial Intelligence: (Ship AI) AI performs several functions. The amount of AI your ship has will increase it's initiative (increase it's chance to fire first in combat). AI will also help your ships accuracy, the higher you ships AI, the more Man another ship will need to dodge your fire.

    Cargo: This is how many cargo holds your ship starts with. You will need cargo holds to carry Fuel, Metal, Electronics, Organics, Colonists and other things for sale.

    Fuel Rate: This is how much Fuel and Crystal your ship can Gather in about one turn.

    Metal Rate: This is how much Metal and Electronics your ship can Gather in about one turn.

    Reputation: This is the required reputation needed with the faction that owns the ships before it can be purchased from them.

Other Ship Items not listed in the chart above (user specific things).

    Ship Level: As you upgrade your ship, upgrades become more costly because your ship gets larger and larger. Your Ships Level is a reflection of this upgraded size.

    Ship Rating: When you add weapons to your ship, each weapon adds Rating to your ship. This number is available to you and to your opponent and gives a general idea of what amount of damage your ship can do to a planet or another ship.

The Following Upgrades for your ships are available at homeworlds:

    Weapon Slot
    Description: Weapon Slots on a ship determine the maximum number of weapons a ship can carry. You can have a maximum of 20 weapons slots on any size ship. Remember to visit the Weapons Dealer after upgrading!

    Fighter Hangar
    Description: Fighters are integral in maintaining a large fleet. Fighters can be placed on any size ship and allow your ship to defend itself against agressors. While handy, using fighters without any weapons at all is not recommended.

    Max Armor
    Description: Armor is your last defence against your attackers. This upgrade is +100 to the maximum armor your ship can have.

    Max Shields
    Description: Shields are your primary defence against any and all types of attackers. This upgrade is +100 to the maximum shields your ship can have.

    Description: Your ships Maneuverability determines how much fire it can dodge during combat.

    Artificial Intelligence
    Description: Your Ships Artificial Intelligence (AI) level determines how quickly it will respond when defending your fleet or participating in group combat.

    Cargo Hold
    Description: Cargo Holds are the life blood of your fleet. These allow you to store goods and colonists for transport. This upgrade provides +100 to your ships Maximum Cargo Storage.

    Metal Gathering
    Description: This upgrade will add more capacity per turn to Gather Metal, Organics and Electronics to your ship (+12).

    Fuel Gathering
    Description: This upgrade will add more capacity per turn to Gather Fuel and Crystal to your ship (+12).

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