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 Post subject: Gathering & Trading
PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:39 pm 
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Gathering and Trading

Gathering and Trading allow your ship to bring aboard saleable or usable resources from a system or port.

Gathering: Gathering uses more turns than trading. When you click "Gather All" in a system next to any resource your ships will fill their cargo bays with that resource. First you'll want to find a port that is buying the resource you want to gather and sell. This can be accomplished with the galaxy map (as shown below). For the best efficiency you'll want to find a system that has the resource you are selling directly outside the port. This will reduce the amount of turns spent.

Trading: Trading allows you to quickly buy and sell at ports for a profit. Trading uses less turns than gathering and is more time intensive and efficient. First you'll want to find two ports in adjacent systems. The closer the ports, the less turns consumed moving between them. You'll want the two ports to allow you to buy and sell both ways (i.e. one is buying fuel and selling crystal, the other is selling crystal and buying fuel) in order to greatly increase efficiency. You can use the galaxy map to determine a good trade route (as shown below).

Port Information

Ports buy resources until they have 20,000,000 of the selected resource and sell down to 30,000,000. Between that range the port will not buy or sell the resource. The maximum amount a port may have of any resource is 50 million.

Buy / Sell price will vary dependent on the amount of resources the port has. To make the maximum profit available you should buy from a port that has closer to 50 million and sell to a port that has closer to 0 of a resource. Buying and selling any level of a resource will make you profit, but the closer you stay to the maxes the more efficient your turns will be spent.

Ports refresh every 30 minutes.

Galaxy Map

You can see which ports are buying or selling a resource by looking at the "Mini Map" available above your list of ships on the right hand side of the screen. Clicking on the Mini Map will open a new window displaying a map of the entire galaxy.

On either the Mini Map or the Galaxy Map, hovering your mouse over a port will show you what that port is buying and selling. Ports are represented on the maps as a purple space (Empty sectors are represented by a grey space, and homeworlds with a planet icon). On the left of the Galaxy Map there is also a list of what all ports in that galaxy are buying and selling.

Other information on the Galaxy Map include what color represents each faction (As noted buy the color of the sector numbers) and where worm holes exist which allow you to travel between galaxies. You can also use the drop down menu below the map to view other galaxies.

Gathering Equipment

You can also buy an Advanced Fuel Processor, Advanced Metal Processor, Resource Regulation Module and/or Crystal Extraction Module and fit it to an equipment slot on your ship(s).

Please note: While it is possible to fit more than one of each type of equipment per ship it is not necessary. Only one will improve your gathering rates per ship while the rest will sit inactive.

For information about these pieces of equipment and a full equipment list click here.


For more advanced players, the following chart represents the multipliers for buying/selling resources to ports.

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