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 Post subject: Getting Started
PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:58 am 
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Getting to Know Your Screen

There are quite a few items and links around your page. We'll get to know them all over time. For now, the basics you'll need are:

  • User Name
    Your user name is displayed in the top left corner of your screen. You'll notice that it is a link to other information about your account.

  • Turns, Experience, Money
    Just below your name you'll see your current level, current experience (EXP) and EXP needed to your next level. Just below that is how much money (credits) you have, your turns (Current/Max) and your safe turns. You will also see your current amount of kills and the number of ships you have lost in combat, though you won't need to worry about those just yet. Note that many of these stats can be hidden using the "Stats" and "Currency" links.

  • Star System, Undock, etc. Links (Navigation Star)
    Below your money and turns is the Navigation Star. Clicking this circle link in the middle will return you to the current star system screen that you are in. If you are docked it will instead refresh the port or planet you are docked at. Note that this screen does not update in real time and you'll have to click this link any time you want to refresh it. Around the circle are four arrows. These arrows allow you to move around the galaxy. The links will turn silver when you are able to move in that direction or black when you can not. In the corners of the star other various information will appear depending on your location. This information includes your current location, docking links for ports, landing links for planets, and wormhole links to other galaxies.

  • The Menu
    Below the Navigation Star is the menu. The menu contains links to various clan and player pages (Note that these two links actually open sub-menus) as well as various other useful links. Feel to explore these.

  • Messages, Forums and Other Reports
    In the top right of your screen you will see 5-6 images. They are labeled "A, S, M, P, C, B" and will light up in various colors when there is a new message or report for you to read. The links are A:Combat Reports, S:Scout Reports, M:Messages, P:Planet Reports, C:Clan Forums, B:Bulletin Board. Note that the "C" will only appear if you are in a clan.

  • The Map
    On the right of your screen you will see a map. Each sector is represented by a number and the lines indicate the paths you can travel on between them. Clicking the map will open a larger map in a new window which will show you a full view of the current galaxy you are in and various other information.

  • Ships
    Below the map you will see all of the ships you have in the current sector (Note that you won't see docked ships if you are undocked and vice versa). From this area you can toggle between a summarized view or a list of all your ships individually. There is also a link to view every ship you own. Here you can also tow other ships and change your command ship.

Your First Fleet

Check to see how many credits you were given upon joining the game. Different SEI games give different amounts of money, but generally you'll have enough to buy a full fleet to start off with. Keep in mind that most players feel it is far more efficient to use a full fleet of small ships rather than one heavily upgraded ships.

First off, you'll need to get your first ship ready. This ship can then be duplicated to save you the trouble of repeating the process 50 times. You will most likely have started the game with a Universal Harvester or Universal Freighter. Universal ships are always available to anyone (We'll get into specific faction ships later). You should have also started the game outside of a homeworld. Homeworlds allow you to buy ships, upgrades, weapons, equipment and more.

Dock to the Homeworld by clicking on the "Land" link located in the middle of the page. In most games you'll start with 50,000,000 Credits. If so, and you plan on Gathering, you'll want to buy some equipment. If you started off with 50 million, then you can afford to buy an "Advanced Fuel Processor" (AFP) for your ship. Go to the equipment page by clicking on the "Equipment Shop" link, click "Buy" next to the AFP and then click "Install" next to an empty equipment slot.

Alright, that's all you can afford with your starting money, so let's get you a full fleet. Rather than buy and upgrade 50 ships one at a time, simply click on the "Shipwright" link on the homeworld. This will allow you to duplicate any ship you have docked at the homeworld. You should only have one ship at this point. Open the drop down menu and select "49" and then hit the "Buy" button.

Note that while you are docked on a port or planet you can not be attacked unless the port/planet is raided and you get ejected into space. So feel free to take a minute looking at what a homeworld has to offer.

Using Your Fleet

Next, you need to be able to move all your ships at the same time. This can be accomplished by towing your ships with your command ship. To do this, make sure you are on the "Summary View" for your fleet (below the map). Then click the "Tow All" link next to your Universal Harvesters (You can tow only some of your ships by using the "All Ships" view and clicking the tow link next to the ships you want to take along).

Now you're ready to undock from the homeworld and get to work. Don't worry, as long as you have those Safe Turns no one can attack you anywhere. So take your time getting the hang of things for now. You can move between star systems with the links in the Navigation Star on the right side of your screen. Click on these links to move around. You'll need to get to a port so you can start gathering or trading.

Good luck!

He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

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